The Star Fortress now offers this “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Directed Answer” center. Please follow the simple directions for best results and "The answer to that great universal question…Why?" (Doc. Emmet Brown, BTTF). Thank you.


Pertaining to Sizes, Shipping Schedules, Alterations and Variations, Tracking, Received Order Related Issues, Combining Shipping Rates, Returns and Exchange Policies, Alternate Payment Options and more.

Q- I have a general question about product details, color, materials, shipping times, etc. but I can't find an email address for you. Why not?

A- Lately we've been getting so many emails with the same questions that it's been slowing down our responses to more important matters. Thus we close the normal email from time to time to devote time to the more important questions pertaining to valid orders and have posted this FAQ page. USE IT! A lot of work went into answering those questions and other common questions. Also, READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS THOROUGHLY, and the SHIPPING SCHEDULES that are posted throughout the site.

Q- How long does it take to process my order? Why is your shipping schedule so long?

A- Each order is different, a departure schedule for our products is posted on every catalog-page of this site, please refer to it for shipping schedules. If an item is in-stock it may arrive sooner, but stock runs out and is replaced usually within the schedule posted. As to why the long schedule? Lets be real, there's NO WAY we can stock EVERY item in EVERY size, men's and women's, petite through tall, in EVERY variation. Most items on our site require tailoring or leather-crafting, machine shop time or hand-laying of fiberglass and resins with sanding and numerous coats of paint. YOURS is NOT the only order our suppliers are processing, and we don't like for them to RUSH orders because of impatience. If you order an item you are expected to have read the schedules posted boldly throughout the site and in the more recent item descriptions and abide by them without emailing every few days asking "Is it there yet? Is it there yet?" Further, actual courier delivery times vary, but are typically within 7-10 days of departure and registered mail items (patches, buckles and other small "enveloped" items) often take 14-21 days for delivery; however courier services and customs may delay deliveries without notice. We are NOT responsible for courier or customs delays of shipments.

Q- Colors don’t appear correct on the site, why?

A- Often from the ambient light during photography, or the camera’s sensitivity to certain product colors, Reds appear brighter than in reality, and blues lose color and appear faded. Black may appear brownish under incandescent light, but we certainly don’t sell brown Vader suits etc.

Q- Can I get a special color for my item?

A- Most often yes, there is a “Special Requirements” section on the purchase-options window that opens up when making purchases, simply enter the requests and if there is a question about your request we’ll email you for further information. There is no extra fee for such alterations.

Q- Do you have any more or clearer pictures of an item, and some pictures are not showing, can you email them to me?

A- If we did they’d be up there. As pics are re-shot they’ll be updated on the site. If a pic is not showing, it’s because the pic has not yet been processed for the place holder. These will go up at a later date.

Q- Has my order been shipped yet?

A- If it has you’d have received a confirmation in the mail along with a tracking number and shipping method (EMS, Registered Mail, Fed-Ex etc.) EMS tracking #s (Sequence # EE0123456789PH) usually require at least 3 days before numbers show in your appropriate courier service’ system as they must clear customs first. Please follow instruction on our “Tracking Controls” page, accessible from any page on our website. (See link below)


Q- I entered the tracking number and it comes up as invalid, why is this so?

A- If it gives you this reply, then it's because it hasn't entered your countries courier system records. The number IS valid and HAS been assigned to your shipment, but with the way EMS works it's tracking, it only shows when it's cleared your countries customs and enters the courier system that it's delivered through. Unfortunately there's no way to view it until then, and we can't control the couriers or the customs offices. Remember, only numbers Sequenced # EE0123456789PH show in the tracking control system. Registered envelops (Sequenced #R12345678) and regular Air-post (Sequenced #SP123, or #AP123) do not show. Fed-Ex tracking numbers are 16 digit numbers, (typically starting with #84** **** **** ****) and tracked through their own online tracking system. EMS usually delivers within 7-10 days, but have been known to run into unpredictable delays, usually due to new customs policy changes. Fed-Ex is more reliable and typically deliver within 3-5 days. Registered mail and air-post average 21-28 days.

Q- I received my package, thank you, but some items I'd requested are not in the box. Is there another shipment on the way?

A- Most likely yes, or it will be shortly. On the shipping label of the box in the lower left corner is an order status section, it tells whether the order is complete or what if any other items are shipping in a separate shipment. As soon as those items are completed they will or possibly already have been shipped. If nothing is noted in that section then use the "Order Follow-up" button below to inquire. You'll need your order confirmation number (required) and purchaser's name as on the initial order (also required) ready to submit along with the inquiry.

Q- I received my package, thank you, but some items appear damaged or unsatisfactory. What can be done to correct this?

A- If there is a problem with your order, please address it politely, because believe it or not we do get the immature email on occasion from "wanna-be e-mail bullies" whose package was damaged in transit etc. that say "I received my product and it was broken and damaged and I feel ripped off, so I'm gonna bad-mouth you ALL OVER the internet" etc. We warrantee our product better than any other prop-maker or distributor in the business, and will help to satisfy your problem. However, any threat of or bad posting as mentioned earlier will IMMEDIATELY void all warrantees. We like to deal with mature individuals in a mature and professional manor, and the door swings both ways.

Please use the "Order Follow-up" button below to inquire. You'll need your order confirmation number (required) and purchaser's name as on the initial order (also required) ready.

However to those many customers that know how to send their appreciation in an email, we want to say thank you, and will shortly be implementing an "appreciative customer" policy with equally effective incentives.

Q- I received my package, thank you, and all I can say is WOW! Where can I send my comments?

A- To those many customers that know how to send their appreciation in an email, we want to say thank you, and will are preparing to implement an "appreciative customer" policy with incentives for those polite and pleasant customers that understand how much work goes into the difficult patterns and finishing of these handcrafted items.

Please use the "Order Follow-up" button below to inquire. You'll need your order confirmation number (required) and purchaser's name as on the initial order (also required) ready to submit along with the comment. Use the “order follow-up” button below and have your order number (required) and purchaser's name as on the initial order (also required) ready.


Q- How do I submit sizes and other options?

A- Sizes can and should be viewed on our size-chart, accessible from all web-pages, and a measuring instructions page explains how and where to take measurements. An options form will pop up during or after your purchase asking you for all sizes, styles, color options, and any other specifics and instructions you need or wish to enter. If you prefer and wish to pay extra for custom tailoring, follow the link on the pop-up page to the “Custom Tailoring” options input page. Use only the correct page so as not to slow down your order. It’s very simply laid out.

Q- I need to change or input an option (size, color, shipping address, etc.) On my order, How do I do this?

A- Follow the link below, you’ll need your order number and the name the order was placed under to proceed.


Q- Do you consolidate orders and shipping prices? The shipping seems rather high!

A- No, though we understand shipping rates are high, but keep in mind that these are being shipped from Asia and via expedited and tracked shipping. We actually lose a bit on shipping so as to keep within an acceptable level, and since the product weight is a constant we cannot give any further discount unless you’re an authorized retailer buying bulk quantities (5-10 of a single item along with other bulk item groups. For example, a chest-plate, groin-pad, gloves and a blaster don’t even come close to a bulk order, however, 3 complete Vaders, 10 chest-plates, 5 blasters, and 20 pr of gloves in a single order from a regular reseller IS considered a bulk order.) Our prices are already lower than anywhere else for the quality we distribute, thus offsetting the higher shipping. With our upcoming change-over to the E-Latinum trading system, all shipping will be inclusive in the trade value.

Q- What is E-Latinum, and how do I use it, and why?

A- E-Latinum is an original art product “collector's item” that we now honor purchases of and give away product of equal value to purchasers of. If you buy $100.00 worth of E-Latinum art prints, we will send you $100.00 worth of free Outworld products as found throughout this website. You can buy as much as you need over whatever time period you wish, and then redeem it for products on our site (you do NOT need to send the E-Latinum prints to us, they are yours to keep. We receive sales reports from E-Latinum as you buy their product. The reason we are now switching over to E-Latinum trading is to avoid any ridiculous infringement problems associated with actually “selling” products for established monetary values as covered under certain regional requirements. You can buy as much E-Latinum as you wish for future redeeming, store it in the online “vault”, and use it when you are ready. It is an excellent way to “save up” or “lay-away” for products and trade when you have accumulated enough, or just buy it and submit your order for your desired product at any time. Your redemptions are logged and adjusted as you use it and thus we know exactly how many units you have in your o-l-vault for future engagements.


Q- I'm on a budget, but would like to acquire some of your higher value items, Can I brake down my order into payments?

A- Not a problem with the new E-Latinum system, just start building up your account to the level you desire as your budget allows until your On-Line Vault has the amount you need, and submit your order. E-Latinum is a great way to save up for an order.

Q- Do you have a number I can call to talk about products, or a store I can visit?

A- No, all our sales are on-line, we do not have a store open to walk-in customers and we correspond by email as needed, however, we're attempting to keep time spent discussing dealings to a minimum and time more appropriately spent on processing orders and upgrading the usability of our website. Keep in mind we get hundreds of curiosity seekers that just like to talk about things, and it takes away from time spent on serious patrons.

Q- Do you give a confirmation on orders after the purchase is made?

A- Only if you submitted an order through the E-Latinum linked order page.

Q- Do you sell on account, (for vendors, trade-arrangements, auctioneer-resellers, buyers that desire credit arrangements through SFP) and what are your terms?

A- Typically not, however should we find it to our benefit to do so, we expect payment rendered within 48 hours of receipt of delivery. Should payment in full not be made, we reserve the right to charge late fees and interest according to the local private lender's rate to our region (typically 10%/month) compounded monthly with the interest being counted primarily to the principle until payment is completed. Failure to comply will result in a report of international mail fraud, and grand theft of merchandise on orders meeting or exceeding $1000.00. We also maintain a record of all transaction details and IPs for submission to the appropriate diplomatic consulate so as to expedite investigations through diplomatic channels where necessary.

Q- I wish to make a payment via mail, bank wire or other form of payment, how and where do I send it?

A- We accept payment via bank wire, Western Union Moneygram, or money order, Traveler's Express Money order, American express checks or Traveler's checks, Concealed cash (in a magazine etc.) via Fed-Ex (all envelops are opened on digital video for documentation. Any tampered envelops will be returned to sender unclaimed.) All traveler's check and money order payments require 45 days clearing time before order is sent. Bank wires and Moneygrams are treated as cash and incur no delays other than the usual order processing times posted throughout the site. Follow the link below for payment instructions for alternate payments.


Q- What materials are used in the construction of this item?

A- Most items have or will have materials breakdowns covered in the descriptions. These are being added as the site is being updated.

Q- Where are you located, and do you manufacture all these items?

A- We are located in Southeast Asia, and No, we do not manufacture any of the items on the site. All items are manufactured by Outworld Productions (located on a small island somewhere not exactly known to us in the Pacific) and their associates worldwide. Outworld is an exclusive association of model makers and other craftspeople from around the world under a singular directorial group.

Thank you for inquiring.